#NikeBoyRelease koolkluxklan #TBrownPhotography

#NikeBoyRelease koolkluxklan #TBrownPhotography

#NikeBoyRelease koolkluxklan #TBrownPhotography

#NikeBoyRelease koolkluxklan #TBrownPhotography


#NikeBoyRelease koolkluxklan #TBrownPhotography

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Pre-release projection screening for “NIKEBOY” by sir e.u, a short film directed by UNKLELUC. Performance by Kool Klux Klan prior to 10:32pm screening.



Never Make It by Ciscero (feat. Sir EU)

Ciscero has been dropping some gems lately. ‘Never make it’ is another offering from Cis featuring SIR E.U of the notorious Kool Klux Klan. They both body this track, I have heard a few more cuts from Ciscero that he has in the stash, your gonna way keep your ears and eyes open for those. Also if you didnt get a chance to listen to ‘Oh Aight’ wit Cal Rips peep it here

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Ciscero x Sir E.U - Never Make it

how to be (a) good [hu(man)]

  • Keep your composure, no matter what
  • Be positively responsible for all things around you whether they directly concern you or not
  • Maintain a certain and high level of respect for all things and what concerns them without discrimination/returning any negative forces dealt to you. You compromise from there! With much determination.
  • Choose your priorities and your commitments in adherence to what you must get done! If anything that persisted from a setback which you are involved in continues, You are not done!
  • & Keep in mind that if it is fun, you should probably be doing something else. Life is hard. It’s about shouldering the full weight of it as it is so that it may continue, not fun. Fun is the icing on the cake only. Not the cake
  • Don’t let nobody take your fuckin cake
  • Don’t be stingy with your fuckin cake
  • But don’t give no fuckin cake to the fat 

- hippodramidan 


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we fuck wit these jonts

Cal Rips - “Auto Pilot” ft. MoneyFourDrugs & SIR E.U

#PhorYou is dropping September 24, 2014

Produced By: Suede Moccasins

Mixed & Mastered By: rMell

Coverart By: @skeleuz

R.I.P Avionadramida

Obii Say - Undone

Darrius be in southeast and he be wit 431 nem in maryland

This is not a single

Say son.
The new heems from Cal Rips is called “No New Faces”.
"Phor You" is on the way.

Kendall Elijah’s new fucking album.

Look I know I was just off that all no cussin shit but this nigga is a fuckin scumbag. This his new album

Please remember to pressure us to stop using profanity. And do so in leading by example. But real quick listen to this jont. "The Real Jim Jones"