Kool Klux Klan

DMV-based collective of musicians who rap well as a motherfucker.

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Yuck Feah

Green Hippo - Rumpelstiltskin 

Green Hippo is the Yuck Feah tandom of Sir E.U the Great and rMell. With E.U spitting and rMell on the boards this is an experimental track that knocks retardly. E.U spits bar after non-sequitur bar, successfully going over your head in the process. This is E.U sounding most comfortable amongst left-field production mastered just enough to understand the lyricism displayed but still raw in its bumpage. These two need to work more. NEOGEO coming soon and check out 3000% Black Execellence.

Is alopecia the last of avions work or is there more?

Alopecia and the Hippodramidan tapes are the last of it.

Any update on new music coming from you guys , ive download pretty much everythng yall put out and i want more to listen to lol

We’ve been figuring out that’s it’s about that time..

y'all beautiful. i fucks wit y'all. we gone meet up real soon when im famous <3 from Washington state to wherever y'all at

Sooner than later!

you guys still hang out with the fucking mitch?

He’s in a better place

I fuck with you guys just not the name... is there a reason for that choice?